long time no post

So it's been a while since I've posted anything. As you can tell i'm not the best blogger in the world, so it's okay. A lot has happened since July 20. I'll start off with...

1) Cooper's run.
For me, greatest day of the year. I absolutely love it. And wouldn't you know it, it landed on the exact day as my 18th birthday. Happy Birthday to me!! It was a successful day filled with lots of family, friends, cake, and bounce houses. (Yes, I jumped around like a little kid in a bounce house on my 18th birthday) I wasn't quite sure how to answer when people asked me throughout the day, "Do you feel any older?"

2) Double dates.
Hunter and I have been going on a lot of those lately. Of course I'm just taking my dude friends. Nothing romantic going on thereeeee. But it's SO fun! We've gone to the moonlight lift, the zoo, gotten snow cones, made forts, hiked up a waterfall, drive-in movie, you name it!

3) Dental school.
I have about 3 weeks left! HOORAH! And I perhaps might possibly maybe get a job at a place i've been interning at. It's so great, I love their entire staff! And so many people I know go into this specific dental office, so I get to work in my friend's mouths. It's awesome!

4) New crib.
I'm moving into a new apartment by the end of this month with one of my best friends, Amy Allred. I'm super stoked. Especially since I won't have to deal with mice running around anymore. Vomit. Barf. Gag....
Provo, Utah, BYU housing! I'm so ready to meet new people.

And that's all folks!