Just this past weekend I had the chance to go back to my home away from home in Arizona. Needless to say it was a sweet moment when I got to surprise my two younger sisters. My youngest one, Aneesa, came to the airport with my Dad to pick me up. As far as she knew he was picking up his "friend". And my dad and I are best friends so it wasn't lying or anything. When I came out and knocked on the window she was sitting by in the car, her face lit up with excitement (seriously priceless). She starts screaming my name and flies out of the car, jumps up, and squeezes her legs and arms around me so tight. She started crying and laughing too which resulted in me doing the same. She is the most precious thing I didn't want to let her go. My little chicken was finally back in my arms after 4 long months. By the time we got home I had whip lash from throwing my head back with laughter. That little girl is honestly the funniest person alive. She's 10 and she could be a stand up comedian, I swear. 
My mom and 13 year old sister, Chantelle, were out at a Young Women's activity. So in the mean time, my Dad, Aneesa and I devised a plan of how to surprise Channy. While I waited in my room with Neesa we heard the garage door open. They were home. Then you heard my dad's voice say to the both of them, "Guys I killed the biggest scorpion ever, and it's in Ashlyn's room! Come look at it!!!" The door slowly opened and Chantelle's horrified face was fixed on the ground, looking right past me. "Where is it?!?!" She asked. That is when I screamed, "RIGHT HERE!" 
Now this moment in time was truly priceless. Chantelle had the hardest time when I moved away and when she looked up and saw me, her face burst into tears. She ran to me and we hugged for what felt like 20 minutes. It was the sweetest thing because when you live away from your family you forget how much you appreciate those hugs, or the sound of their voice in person, or their tiny little bodies snuggling up to you, or their darling kisses.
The rest of the night we simply enjoyed each others company and chatted till late hours. Basically that's what most of the trip consisted of. We all just like to lounge on the couch and watch our favorite movies while talking the whole way through it.


Now, Sunday is a special day in our family, and that is because we have a set tradition that has been occurring the past 5 or so years. This tradition is making pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and watching our favorite movie, Pride and Prejudice. By the end of the movie we've all eaten at least 7 cookies. Both the movie and cookies NEVER get old, by the way. We basically know the whole script by heart. Even my dad... but he'll never admit it. Poor man, stuck with a family of all girls when he's from a family of all boys. He loves it so much though, I know it. Do you think he'd get a billion kisses and hugs and snuggles and cookies and drawings and sparkly gifts from boys??
One time we were all in the car driving as a family back from Park City and we had Taylor Swift blasting. My dad was singing along to all the words with a crown on his head from Aneesa, diamond rings on his fingers from my Mom while she put on her smelly-good lotion, and lipgloss on his cheeks from our smooches.
I will never forget that memory so vividly. Cutest thing ever.

Arizona was SO much fun and it went by way too fast. Till next time you blazing-bloody-hot state, you.


california dreaming

Lately I've been reminiscing on our family vacation we took to California about 2 months ago. We documented plenty of what we did, so I wanted to share the adventures we had. Golden Gate bridge, Pebble Beach, and Carmel by the Sea. 
1 day, 3 destinations, 11 pictures.

twin telepathy

Well yesterday was crazy to say the least. Both my sister and I found ourselves in the ER. 
I was on my way to work when I hopped out of my car and a huge amount of pain hit my lower right side of my stomach. It felt as if something was about to burst inside. I couldn't even take a deep breath. I just stood there in the middle of the parking lot letting out random bursts of painful yelps. When I walked into my work and let one of my co-workers know what was going on, of course she tells the whole staff. I called my parents and they told me I needed to go into the ER. So here's little me, zipping down the streets of provo to get to the Emergency Room. As I was walking in I ran into my sweet and spunky neighbor growing up who is a life flight nurse. She's basically super woman. And one of my many mothers here in UT. There was no accident I ran into her, she kept me company and stood by my side. They had me dress in a gown, pee in a cup, put my first IV in me (didn't even cry), and asked me a bunch of questions. When they told me I was going to need a cat scan and that I'd be put through a big dome shaped machine while laying down, my response was, "like in grey's ANATOMY??" Only my favorite show of all time. "Yes, like in grey's anatomy." They said with a chuckle. 
After that, my kind brother-in-law came and was there to hold my hand. The Doctor came in and told me I did not have appendicitis but that I had a cyst on my ovary that was leaking fluid causing the pain. They gave me some pain medication through my IV, and they let me go.

Later that day I went to my "witch doctor" also known as my Homeopathic Dr. My whole life I have always gone to her, and she has literally been the biggest blessing to our family. After 4 hours of being treated, she was able to tell me that I had numerous cysts not on my ovary but on my fallopian tubes and uterus that were partially ruptured. Also, that the medication the hospital gave me I had an allergic reaction to, damaging my heart tissue and causing my heart rate to increase. Well there's a new allergen I never knew about! I have been going through my days with ease, not participating in any heavy activity, and taking my homeopathic medicine religiously. I am slowly starting to feel an improvement in my body. I don't feel like my insides are shutting down anymore.

Now my sister on the other hand was rushed to the ER because of a kidney infection. Poor thing thinks she passed a kidney stone she was in so much pain. I don't know what it was that day but she and I were apparently on the same psychological wavelength. I think we were secretly meant to be twins??We are more alike than we realize. We like, do, and even feel the same things! She is doing much better now and our days consist of watching Grey's Anatomy while eating and drinking cream of wheat and chamomile tea. Even though we sissy's like to get sicky at the same time, at least we have each other's company!
All in all, it was a crazy day, no?


cause i'm a big kid now

Lately my life has been so crazy I've hardly had time to think, let alone blog?
After my 6th time moving in 2 years, I am now currently living in BYU housing with 5 other girls. One of which has been one of my best friends since sophomore year. Her name is Amy and she's also my little roomie. And when I say little I mean she's 5 ft. and probably 80 lbs. I love her so much and though she is tiny she is a fierce one. She makes the best roommate. We enjoy eating late night snacks, dancing like freaks in the window for people below and constantly leaving each other notes of all kinds on sticky pad paper. 

As of 2 weeks ago I got a job as a dental assistant at Dr. Robinson and Wolfgramm's office in Provo! I love it there so much, they are the nicest people and I feel so honored to work with such a sweet staff. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. You'd think looking into people's mouths day after day would get old, but I find myself anticipating it and wanting a root canal to take place. It's... quite weird?
So if you're having a tooth ache, come on in and we'll take care of you.

Funny thing is, i'm not going to school this semester, yet i'm surrounded by students from BYU or UVU. For some reason I feel so awkward when people ask me everyday, "So you go to BYU???" And I'm like, "ehhh noo... I not going to school yet, i'm just working as a dental assistant."And then their reaction is either that i'm a loser or i'm a cool loser. But whatever... I get to wear scrubs all day, chumps!! It's like wearing pj's to work. I'm all about comfort. It's heaven.

Some really hard things about living on your own is: 1) Being 637 miles away from your family and missing them more and more everyday. 2) It's a pain to be responsible of your own body. No more mommy making you tea when you're sick, or cooking you a nice little snack after you get home. It's just you. 3) Cleaning up after people. Oh my ew... I now feel my mother's pain of having to constantly clean up after our whole family the past 20 years; Bless her heart. Good thing I got her clean freak gene, that's all I have to say. 

Although life sort of gets thrown at you, it's an exciting bit in your life because you have no idea what's coming next. That's a another thing i've learned. Stop trying to be in charge of everything because that's not our job. Ever since I can remember my grandma had a magnet on her fridge that had a picture of a person who looked utterly insane. They had frazzled hair, wide eyes and worry lines. Underneath this comical illustration were the words, "Relax, God’s in charge."
That tiny magnet keeps coming to mind and reminds me to have faith in my Father above. I can make plans and follow the spirit on my decisions, yes. But I need to be open and ready for any 180 that will most likely happen. God's timing is not our own, and sometimes the plans we make for ourselves are not for us. It's so crucial to remember the importance of faith and believing that God will always take care of us. We are his children, and he loves us. 
So remember,
Relax, God's in charge.

And because pictures make things more interesting, here are some fun photos that my best friend, Hunter and I took these past couple weeks. 


p.s. I got bangs! It was a much needed change!
That rhymed...
Till next time!

and a painting I did for my beautiful person to brighten up her room in Logan.
The lyrics to our favorite song, it was a must.
Love you hunty.