twin telepathy

Well yesterday was crazy to say the least. Both my sister and I found ourselves in the ER. 
I was on my way to work when I hopped out of my car and a huge amount of pain hit my lower right side of my stomach. It felt as if something was about to burst inside. I couldn't even take a deep breath. I just stood there in the middle of the parking lot letting out random bursts of painful yelps. When I walked into my work and let one of my co-workers know what was going on, of course she tells the whole staff. I called my parents and they told me I needed to go into the ER. So here's little me, zipping down the streets of provo to get to the Emergency Room. As I was walking in I ran into my sweet and spunky neighbor growing up who is a life flight nurse. She's basically super woman. And one of my many mothers here in UT. There was no accident I ran into her, she kept me company and stood by my side. They had me dress in a gown, pee in a cup, put my first IV in me (didn't even cry), and asked me a bunch of questions. When they told me I was going to need a cat scan and that I'd be put through a big dome shaped machine while laying down, my response was, "like in grey's ANATOMY??" Only my favorite show of all time. "Yes, like in grey's anatomy." They said with a chuckle. 
After that, my kind brother-in-law came and was there to hold my hand. The Doctor came in and told me I did not have appendicitis but that I had a cyst on my ovary that was leaking fluid causing the pain. They gave me some pain medication through my IV, and they let me go.

Later that day I went to my "witch doctor" also known as my Homeopathic Dr. My whole life I have always gone to her, and she has literally been the biggest blessing to our family. After 4 hours of being treated, she was able to tell me that I had numerous cysts not on my ovary but on my fallopian tubes and uterus that were partially ruptured. Also, that the medication the hospital gave me I had an allergic reaction to, damaging my heart tissue and causing my heart rate to increase. Well there's a new allergen I never knew about! I have been going through my days with ease, not participating in any heavy activity, and taking my homeopathic medicine religiously. I am slowly starting to feel an improvement in my body. I don't feel like my insides are shutting down anymore.

Now my sister on the other hand was rushed to the ER because of a kidney infection. Poor thing thinks she passed a kidney stone she was in so much pain. I don't know what it was that day but she and I were apparently on the same psychological wavelength. I think we were secretly meant to be twins??We are more alike than we realize. We like, do, and even feel the same things! She is doing much better now and our days consist of watching Grey's Anatomy while eating and drinking cream of wheat and chamomile tea. Even though we sissy's like to get sicky at the same time, at least we have each other's company!
All in all, it was a crazy day, no?

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  1. oh my you WOULD reference grey's anatomy. i luRv U bbgurl