cause i'm a big kid now

Lately my life has been so crazy I've hardly had time to think, let alone blog?
After my 6th time moving in 2 years, I am now currently living in BYU housing with 5 other girls. One of which has been one of my best friends since sophomore year. Her name is Amy and she's also my little roomie. And when I say little I mean she's 5 ft. and probably 80 lbs. I love her so much and though she is tiny she is a fierce one. She makes the best roommate. We enjoy eating late night snacks, dancing like freaks in the window for people below and constantly leaving each other notes of all kinds on sticky pad paper. 

As of 2 weeks ago I got a job as a dental assistant at Dr. Robinson and Wolfgramm's office in Provo! I love it there so much, they are the nicest people and I feel so honored to work with such a sweet staff. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. You'd think looking into people's mouths day after day would get old, but I find myself anticipating it and wanting a root canal to take place. It's... quite weird?
So if you're having a tooth ache, come on in and we'll take care of you.

Funny thing is, i'm not going to school this semester, yet i'm surrounded by students from BYU or UVU. For some reason I feel so awkward when people ask me everyday, "So you go to BYU???" And I'm like, "ehhh noo... I not going to school yet, i'm just working as a dental assistant."And then their reaction is either that i'm a loser or i'm a cool loser. But whatever... I get to wear scrubs all day, chumps!! It's like wearing pj's to work. I'm all about comfort. It's heaven.

Some really hard things about living on your own is: 1) Being 637 miles away from your family and missing them more and more everyday. 2) It's a pain to be responsible of your own body. No more mommy making you tea when you're sick, or cooking you a nice little snack after you get home. It's just you. 3) Cleaning up after people. Oh my ew... I now feel my mother's pain of having to constantly clean up after our whole family the past 20 years; Bless her heart. Good thing I got her clean freak gene, that's all I have to say. 

Although life sort of gets thrown at you, it's an exciting bit in your life because you have no idea what's coming next. That's a another thing i've learned. Stop trying to be in charge of everything because that's not our job. Ever since I can remember my grandma had a magnet on her fridge that had a picture of a person who looked utterly insane. They had frazzled hair, wide eyes and worry lines. Underneath this comical illustration were the words, "Relax, God’s in charge."
That tiny magnet keeps coming to mind and reminds me to have faith in my Father above. I can make plans and follow the spirit on my decisions, yes. But I need to be open and ready for any 180 that will most likely happen. God's timing is not our own, and sometimes the plans we make for ourselves are not for us. It's so crucial to remember the importance of faith and believing that God will always take care of us. We are his children, and he loves us. 
So remember,
Relax, God's in charge.

And because pictures make things more interesting, here are some fun photos that my best friend, Hunter and I took these past couple weeks. 


p.s. I got bangs! It was a much needed change!
That rhymed...
Till next time!

and a painting I did for my beautiful person to brighten up her room in Logan.
The lyrics to our favorite song, it was a must.
Love you hunty.

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